Electroquímica del Noroeste, S.A.U. (ELNOSA) is a company engaged in the production of chlorine, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen and marketer of these and other chemicals. 


ELNOSA's production facilities are located in the Industrial Complex of Lourizán-Pontevedra, which shares with the ENCE´s pulp manufacturing plant. Lourizán Industrial Complex is located a few kilometers from the city of Pontevedra and very close to the port of Marin, where is received the salt for ELNOSA.




1966: Creation of the company by the ENCE Group and associates.

1968: In July of that year started the ELNOSA´s activity. 

2001: QUIMIGAL, of the JOSE DE MELLO GROUP acquired 50% of the share capital of ELNOSA signing a partnership agreement with the ENCE group. ELNOSA obtained the Certificate of Environmental Management ISO 14001: 1996.

2003: QUIMIGAL, of the JOSE DE MELLO GROUP acquired 100% of the share capital of ELNOSA. ELNOSA obtained the Certificate of Quality Management ISO 9001:2000. 



ELNOSA products are used by various sectors, being the most significant: 

In the water treatment plants, guaranteeing their potability. 98% of the water supplied in Western Europe is disinfected with chlorine.

In the pools as a biocide.

In the food industry as disinfectants.

In the manufacture of disinfectants and biocides (bleaches and detergents). 

In the processing of the PVC plastic, which is subsequently used in the manufacture of medical utensils (blood bags, sterile tubes, catheters, prosthetics, X-rays, etc.) or in the building sector.

In the automotive sector, as chlorine is used for the production of plastics, used in the manufacture of nylon for seat belts and air bags, bumpers, floor mats, dashboards, antifreeze agents, coolants, etc. Chlorine is also used in the manufacture of tires, upholstery, high-quality lubricating oils, gasoline additives, electrical equipment, windows for buses and brake fluids. 

In the pulp sector for the production of paper pulp.



ELNOSA supplies 100% of the chlorine and hypochlorite used in the municipal drinking-water treatment plants (ETAP) throughout Galicia.

Chlorine is the most commonly used water disinfectant in the world due to its effectiveness. The World Health Organization has stated that "Chlorination is the best guarantee of microbiologically safe water" since given the properties of chlorine, is fully effective against all types of microbes contained in the water, the chlorination being the only means to ensure that the treated water remains germ-free during its transit through pipes and tanks before reaching the tap.

Without a local supplier as ELNOSA, such ETAPs should be supplied by other suppliers located outside Galicia: Catalonia, Basque Country, Andalusia and Portugal.

Within its Responsible Care commitment, ELNOSA performs:

1.      Free periodic visits to the ETAPs of Galicia to verify the correct state of the chlorine facilities it owns. Among them it can be mentioned the ETAP of Pontevedra.

2.      Training activities of the staff of the ETAPs of Galicia on the safe handling of chlorine.

3.      Attention to requests for collecting bottles and chlorine cylinders out of use that may appear on outdated facilities in the area of ​​Galicia.



Member of Euro Chlor, ANE and FEIQUE (Business Federation of the Spanish Chemical Industry)

Responsible Care since 1999

ISO 14000 certification since 2001

ISO 9000 certification since 2003


ELNOSA has a technical team, with both human and material resources to respond to emergencies in the transport of dangerous goods that may occur within its area of ​​influence, whether or not originating in ELNOSA.


ELNOSA is one of the providers of the REE service of interruptibility demand management.