Its chemical formula is HCl. At room temperature, hydrochloric acid is a colourless or yellowish gas.


Normally is presented in the form of a colourless aqueous solution and of pungent smelling. Even at lower concentrations, remains very active, being marketed as muriatic acid, effective for removing stains on various surfaces. It is one of the gastric acids produced in the stomach.


In ELNOSA, the hydrochloric acid is supplied in bulk. Industrially, this product is obtained by absorbing hydrogen chloride in demineralized water. In turn, the hydrochloric gas is obtained by combustion of hydrogen within chlorine gas. Some attribute the discovery of hydrochloric acid to the Persian alchemist Abu Musa Ibn Hayyan, although the date is more likely to be sometime in the Middle Age.  


The large-scale production of hydrochloric acid began in the Industrial Revolution and is now used primarily in the metallurgical sector, environmental applications, water treatment, pH adjustment and chemical industry. The production of vinyl and polyurethane are some of the main uses of the 20 million tons of hydrochloric acid produced each year.